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How Do Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures Make Your Bathroom Exquisite?

Like any other part of your house, the bathroom design needs some attention. You can make improvements to it by simply adding exquisite shower enclosures. Let’s take a look at how frameless glass shower enclosures add beauty to your bathroom! […]

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Questions to Ask When Choosing Windows for Your Home

Finding the right kind of window for your home, business, or establishment is no easy feat. There needs to be ample research or reading, inspection and canvassing of options, and questions — a lot of questions. Here are some of […]

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Using Mirrors to Expand Your Space

If you’re currently designing your home or working area and you are seeing some restrictions in the size of the space, then our experts here at The Glass & Door Company advise you to consider taking advantage of mirrors. Mirrors […]

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Energy Efficient Windows

Aside from making sure that your windows match the design, color, and overall theme of your home, it is now becoming more important on whether they are also energy efficient. We are often asked here at The Glass & Door […]

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Pros and Cons of Framed & Frameless Shower Doors

Shower glass doors are becoming staple parts of standard sized bathrooms of American homes. They are clean, simple, easy to maintain, and longer lasting than shower curtains. So if you are deciding whether you will get a framed or frameless […]

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Window Style Trends 2017

Here at The Glass & Door Company, we are often asked about the latest trends in window design and technology not only in the Georgetown, Texas area, but also in the entire country. In case you are thinking about keeping […]

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Why Upgrade Your Table with a Glass Table Top?

Are you thinking about upgrading or changing your tables? Before you do, we can suggest here at The Glass & Door Company to check a more affordable option: upgrade your table with a glass top. Why not veer away from […]

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What Can Cause Window Leaks?

Here at The Glass & Door Company, this is one of the common questions that we often receive from our clients i.e. What Can Cause Window Leaks?. So to make it easy we are going to outline the 3 top […]

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