If you’re currently designing your home or working area and you are seeing some restrictions in the size of the space, then our experts here at The Glass & Door Company advise you to consider taking advantage of mirrors. Mirrors are great for tricking the eyes to see and feel a bigger space than it actually is. They are affordable, accessible, and with the right usage, very effective.

Here are some tips on how you can expand your space without breaking the bank thanks to handy mirrors.

  • Place floor a length mirror behind a piece of furniture to make any cramped space appear taller. Using a tall mirror already brightens up an aisle, hallway, or any narrow space. It works more wonders when partnered with the right length of furniture like a lamp, small table, or cabinet. Placing it behind a light source will also help boost the reach of the light.
  • Use a small square mirror to fake a window. Instead of filling a small room with more windows, you can place small mirrors beside or across windows to let the light bounce around the room.
  • Don’t be afraid to use patterns or make a mirror wall. We admit that filling a wall with either small pieces or one huge mirror is risky; it can be disorienting and even potentially similar to circus mirrors. What you can do is alternate mirrors with strips of wood or other materials that can relax your eyes. You can also add frames to the mirrors or use various shapes of metals and mirrors. Go and have fun decorating and expanding your space!
  • Boost your kitchen with a mirror backsplash. Position a spanning, horizontal mirror on the wall of your kitchen, just above the cabinets, drawers, and sink. Not only does it boost the kitchen’s size, it is also relatively easy to clean.
  • Never let your mirror reflect clutter or the insides of closets. Keep the area you are trying to expand well lit (preferably with more natural light) and clean. Expanding your area using mirrors can backfire when they reflect more clutter instead of bringing in light.

For more information on using mirrors, glass, and windows for your residential or commercial  property, please visit our blog soon as we regularly update it with more articles for the Austin and Georgetown Texas market. Thank you and have a great day.