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Using Glass to Expand Your Home’s Space

Living in a smaller space like an apartment or smaller house can be challenging, especially in maximizing every square meter for all your belongings. The real test is how to make everything fit without the visual clutter. Interior designers encounter […]

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Bathroom Mirror Design Tips

Here at The Glass & Door Company, we always tell our customers in Georgetown, Sun City, and surrounding cities in the Austin, Texas area to never, ever underestimate the benefits of well-designed and properly installed bathroom mirror. If you are […]

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Choose the Best Full Length Mirror for Your Home

You need a full view of yourself to identify minor inconsistencies in your dressing. Choose a full-length mirror that helps in maintaining your perfect look even on a working day! How Do You Buy A Full-Length Mirror? A full-length mirror […]

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How Do Full-Length Mirrors Add Value to Your Home?

Gone were the days when mirror were only used in bathrooms. Now you can use them to add beauty and glamour to your entire house! Let’s see how. They Complete Any Room Most people only add mirrors to their bedrooms […]

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Using Mirrors to Expand Your Space

If you’re currently designing your home or working area and you are seeing some restrictions in the size of the space, then our experts here at The Glass & Door Company advise you to consider taking advantage of mirrors. Mirrors […]

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