Here at The Glass & Door Company, we always tell our customers in Georgetown, Sun City, and surrounding cities in the Austin, Texas area to never, ever underestimate the benefits of well-designed and properly installed bathroom mirror. If you are currently designing a new bathroom or planning to give your current one a new look, here are some design tips for you to consider.

Consider the Size of Your Space.

As a rule of thumb for interior designers, always take measurements of the space first. This includes knowing the size of your sink, vanity, and walls. If your space is fairly limited, the last thing you want is a mirror larger than the sink and as a result overpowering the room. This is also a good way to determine what style or type of mirror you will need.

Determine the Shape of the Mirror.

Rectangular or oval shaped mirrors are very popular for commercial and residential bathrooms because they easily match with most themes. Others choose to customize the shape to complement the style of their tiles. Meanwhile, some prefer smaller, square mirrors so they can be interchanged or be placed beside framed photos or artworks.

Do You Prefer Modern or Traditional?

Framed mirrors are the more classic or traditional choice. The frames themselves can serve as statement pieces and greatly add to the look you want for your bathroom. Mirrors with uniquely ornate frames for instance give a more rustic, nostalgic feel. Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, give a minimalist and modern vibe to any bathroom. They are also great space savers.

A good middle ground between the two is mirrors with thin or narrow frames. They are popular for being neutral and functional.

Lighting is Important.

Your bathroom mirror does not necessarily have to be placed above the sink or basin. If you cannot hang it there for some reason, the next factor you can consider is lighting. If possible, the one of the best places to place a mirror is opposite a window so it can reflect more light and expand your space.

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