You need a full view of yourself to identify minor inconsistencies in your dressing.

Choose a full-length mirror that helps in maintaining your perfect look even on a working day!

How Do You Buy A Full-Length Mirror?

A full-length mirror should be 48 inches in height. Any mirror shorter than that may give you a full reflection but it won’t be the same as that of a full-length mirror.

If you can’t find a good mirror by yourself, ask the The Glass & Door Company in Georgetown, TX that will be installing it into your home, to bring one for you according to the specs of your home.

For you need a mirror that fits the interior design of your house.

Take your best pick from the following types of full-length mirrors!

A Wall Mirror

If you live in a small apartment, this is the best choice for a full-length mirror. A mirror mounted on the wall will not occupy unnecessary space on the floor.

Just make sure you don’t place anything directly in front of the mirror.

The whole objective of installing a full-length mirror is to get a full reflection. If you put some sort of furniture in front of the mirror, it won’t serve its purpose.

A wall mirror is generally quite inexpensive. However, if you choose one with a heavy decorative frame, it will cost you a lot. So, select a frame that isn’t too costly.

In fact, any expert would suggest you to opt for a simple frame that goes with your home’s interior design.

A Door Mirror

If you neither have space on the floor or the wall, you need a door mirror.

The professional crew from a The Glass & Door Company in Georgetown, TX would easily be able to install a door mirror at the back of your bathroom or bedroom door. In addition, if you live in a rented space, you can have this mirror installed on the door of your closet.

In this way, you will be able to take it with you when you’re moving out.

Free Standing Mirrors

The last type of full-length mirror stands on the floor. A major drawback of this type of mirror is that it occupies a large space in your house. So, only select this one if you have a large living space.

Mirrors show us our true reflection! The Glass & Door Company in Georgetown, TX has been installing wall mirrors in homes for years! So allow our expert crew to help you choose the one that fits your needs and the space in your house! Contact us today to receive a free estimate for any residential or commercial property.