Window Glass

Since 1997, the Glass & Door Company has served Georgetown, Texas as a premiere provider of window glass replacement, offering a gold standard of customer service, and earning a reputation for both extremely high quality and convenience.

We provide residential window repair and glass replacement services in all areas of Georgetown, as well as surrounding communities.  Our team can help you to determine the type of glass needing replacement, then expertly repair or replace it as necessary, even if your window is in a hard to reach place.  The Glass & Door Company will work hard to become your go-to resource for any glass or window repair needs.

The Glass & Door Company is uniquely qualified to help you with your window glass needs.  As a glass company, we can offer alternatives to traditional glass, including mirrored windows, insulated glass, and other options.  Oftentimes, window companies will try to sell you new windows, at a great cost.  Our team can replace the glass, saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Our team specializes in:

  • Tempered or laminated safety glass
  • Energy efficient options
  • Tinted, decorative, and patterned glass replacements.
  • Blinds inside of the glass, grilles, and other decorative options.

Many people never realize the options available to them when it comes to window glass repair and replacement.  If you’re looking for traditional glass options, we have relationships with a wide variety of vendors, and can get you the color, size, and options that work best for your home.

Window Repair

Sometimes a window can become foggy or cloudy.  This is typically caused by the seal becoming compromised.  This could require a simple repair process, or complete replacement.  Contact our team of window repair experts today, and we’ll be glad to come evaluate the cause of your window problems, and take the steps necessary to repair your window quickly.  Our insulated glass comes covered with a warranty against seal failure. For Additional Information Click Here

Glass Replacement

Broken windows can be extremely frustrating, especially during harsh weather.  You wouldn’t want your furniture, carpeting, or other beloved possessions getting rained on, would you?  Our windows are our protection from the heat, cold, and elements of Mother Nature.  If your window has been broken, our team can come to your home, and evaluate the type and size of glass that needs replaced. For Additional Information Click Here

Why The Glass & Door Company?

Regardless of the nature of your repair or replacement, the Georgetown window glass repair experts will be glad to assist you get back on your feet.  We are your resource for

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