Shower Glass

The Glass & Door Company is Georgetown, TX’s expert in crafting and replacing shower glass enclosures and doors.  Whether you’re in the market for a replacement shower door, or to craft a customized frameless glass shower, our team is happy to assist you.  We offer the highest quality glass shower enclosures available in Texas.   We have several aluminum finishes available, and a wide range of glass options.

Shower Doors 

Designing a shower door that is both functional and beautiful requires imagination, a vision, and attention to detail.  The Glass & Door Company wants to make your vision a reality.  By working with a wide range of framing and glass options, we can offer a wide range of custom glass shower door options.  Our focus is to provide your bathroom with a safe, practical, and beautiful shower door. For Additional Information Click Here

Shower Enclosures 

Frameless glass shower enclosures are becoming extremely popular, as many people enjoy the minimalist look, and are no longer attracted to aluminum frames on glass doors.  In the past, frames have been necessary for the structural integrity, modern technology has allowed us to craft frameless glass enclosures for your bathroom.  Tempered glass can be fixed into a wall, hung from the ceiling, or installed on your floor, and can be both frameless and without hinges. For Additional Information Click Here

Why The Glass & Door Company?

Regardless of the type of shower enclosure, the Georgetown window glass repair experts will be glad to assist in crafting a beautiful and functional option for your home. We are your resource for any and all shower glass questions that you may have.  Contact our friendly team today, and we’ll get right on the job! For Additional Information Click Here

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