Window Repair

The Glass & Door Company is Georgetown, TX’s leading glass repair specialists.  For nearly 20 years, our experts have worked hard to earn the business of hundreds of clients and become a trusted name in residential window glass repair.  Our team is glad to work with you to repair your broken window glass.

Insulated Glass Failure

Most homes are constructed with windows that include insulated glass.  These windows contain multiple panes of glass, with a gas or vacuum sealed between the panes, protecting your home from Mother Nature.  These types of glass are considerably more energy efficient than older, single-pain windows.  In addition, insulated glass windows can reduce outside noise, hot or cold spots near your windows, and other issues.  Unfortunately, the seal that keeps these windows effective can fail.

When the seal on these windows fails, a variety of symptoms can occur.  You may notice your windows fogging over, or droplets of condensation between the windowpanes.  The argon or other gas (or lack of gas) between the panes of your windows will escape, allowing air transfer.  This can block your view of the outside, decrease energy efficiency, and cause other problems.

Why The Glass & Door Company?

The Glass & Door Company can evaluate the cause of your insulated glass failure, and then repair your windows as necessary.  Contact our friendly customer service team today, and we’ll be glad to come take a look at your windows.  We’ll have your windows fixed in no time at all!

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