Living in a smaller space like an apartment or smaller house can be challenging, especially in maximizing every square meter for all your belongings. The real test is how to make everything fit without the visual clutter. Interior designers encounter spatial restrictions on a regular basis, but they are able to overcome them with the help of one simple, yet versatile material: glass.

We at The Glass & Door Company always tell our customers that glass is one of the best materials they can use for their homes. Before, it was a vital part of interior design for commercial properties, now, more and more homeowners are applying them to their walls, furniture, and windows to expand space and brighten up a room.

Here are three simple tips for you to get started.

Add more glass in the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to use glass in the kitchen and your dining area. The problem with these rooms is that they tend to often have surfaces that are dark and contrasting and/or visually heavy or space consuming. You can change this by starting with furniture with glass or reflective surfaces such as glass dining tables, side tables, and countertops.

Interior windows and glass panels can also help add an illusion of space and bring more light in.

Be creative.

Using glass does not necessarily mean that the theme of your home will become minimalist of purely contemporary. Ask your local glass provider on how you can play around with frosted, colored, or glass types with various shapes, designs, and textures. You can also explore floor-to-ceiling glass windows and skylight options to make your room more unique and still appear spacious.

Maximize natural light.

Adding a mirror opposite a window is a subtle yet effective trick to add more light to a room. If you are currently renovating a space and you have access to natural light, you can maximize its benefits by getting a larger window. If the view is not appealing, you can add plants and flowers on the side.

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