If you currently have a business in Georgetown, Sun City, and Austin, Texas, you are bound to encounter harsher weather conditions, i.e. heavy rains and strong winds. You need a long-term solution to help protect your investment. Storm Windows might be one of the best business upgrades you can get not only for storms, but also for other reasons as well. Here are some of the notable advantages your commercial property can also get.

UV Protection – Modern storm windows can be treated with UV protection films which can protect your furniture, carpet, drapes, and other décor from fading. They help filter out the sun’s harmful rays without obstructing visibility.

Moisture Control – Condensation can be the most common problem for windows, especially single pane windows. Once moisture penetrates past the glass, your walls are prone to leaks and insulation will not be as effective as before. Storm windows, with proper installation and weather stripping, can prevent moisture build up and leaks for many years.

Energy Efficiency – Storm windows are great for insulation. They help reduce heat passing through during summer and retain warm temperature inside during winter. This can lower your electricity cost on air conditioning and heating by more than 25 percent.

Noise Reduction – If your store is located in a high-traffic or populated area and is near the road or highway, storm windows are perfect for you. They can help reduce noise and maintain a comfortable volume inside.

Stronger Protection – The level of protection storm windows give extends beyond weather proofing. Through the use of high quality materials, they can also protect your property from rocks, debris, and harmful dirt. They can also be strong enough to take a beating or a forceful impact from the outside, which means more security for your belongings.

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