When you install insulated glass windows, you don’t have to buy a separate HVAC system for controlling the temperature of your home! It is an inexpensive choice for keeping the temperature of your home under control.

Let’s see some of the other reasons insulated glass windows are the best option for any home!

They Act as a Thermal Barrier

The key function of insulated glass windows is to retain heat inside the house during winters. In summers, it keeps excess heat outside and protects your home from hot temperatures. Its functionality traps heat within each of its layers. As a result, your house is insulated against heat and cold. When that happens, you don’t need mechanical support for the heating and cooling needs of your home! That is why you can easily avoid installation of an HVAC system when you install insulated windows.

They Allow You to Save Big on Energy Bills

If you live in an area with extreme winters or summers, avoiding an HVAC system completely becomes impossible. In this case, you have to switch ON your heating and cooling equipment to keep your house comfortable in extreme weathers. But you can’t have extremely cold or hot weather all year-round. Some days, you will experience milder temperatures that are bearable with proper insulation in your house. When there’s no need for an HVAC system, you can shut it down and rely on the insulated windows. Consequently, you will save huge electricity bills during the shutdown of heavy equipment like HVAC.

They Can be Customized to Suit the Needs of Your Home

As per the standard, you can install them with double-paned windows. But if you need added insulation, you can have any number of glass panels installed that would fit your window frame. You can also choose to add special coatings to the windows for extra insulation. Just inform the contractors that you hire about your specific requirements. They will be able to make appropriate adjustments as per your needs. The customization also includes addition of glazing and shades to the windows to keep your house protected against Ultra-Violet Rays of the Sun. With such additions, you also don’t need to add curtains to the windows. That’s another expense saved!

They Are Wonderful Barriers to Unwanted Noise

Although, insulated windows are not originally designed to act as barriers to unwanted noise, they do help with it! The multiple layers of glass can muffle noise from traffic, children playing out in the street and even the noise erupting from a nearby commotion. You can enjoy a calm and peaceful ambiance in your home just by installing insulated windows.

Insulated windows are quite affordable. The Glass & Door Company in Georgetown, Austin Texas area have been installing them to insulate homes for better heating and cooling since we begun.

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