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How Storm Windows Can Help Your Business

If you currently have a business in Georgetown, Sun City, and Austin, Texas, you are bound to encounter harsher weather conditions, i.e. heavy rains and strong winds. You need a long-term solution to help protect your investment. Storm Windows might […]

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Using Glass to Expand Your Home’s Space

Living in a smaller space like an apartment or smaller house can be challenging, especially in maximizing every square meter for all your belongings. The real test is how to make everything fit without the visual clutter. Interior designers encounter […]

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Residential vs Commercial Windows: Know the Difference

Here at The Glass & Door Company, we always make it a point to give our customers in the Georgetown, Sun City, and Austin, Texas area an idea on the kind of windows they can have. There are a lot […]

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Tips in Choosing Replacement Windows

Is your window in dire need of a replacement? Whether it has been damaged because of weather, accident, or the expected wear and tear, your replacement windows should always surpass or meet your needs and expectations without necessarily costing more. […]

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Reasons to Add Interior Glass Doors and Windows to Your Home

When it comes to the interior designing of your home, glass companies in Georgetown and Austin, Texas area, usually emphasize the use of glass doors and windows. There are discussions online and in gatherings regarding how glass doors and windows […]

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Why Insulated Glass Windows are the Best Choice for Your Home?

When you install insulated glass windows, you don’t have to buy a separate HVAC system for controlling the temperature of your home! It is an inexpensive choice for keeping the temperature of your home under control. Let’s see some of […]

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Questions to Ask When Choosing Windows for Your Home

Finding the right kind of window for your home, business, or establishment is no easy feat. There needs to be ample research or reading, inspection and canvassing of options, and questions — a lot of questions. Here are some of […]

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Energy Efficient Windows

Aside from making sure that your windows match the design, color, and overall theme of your home, it is now becoming more important on whether they are also energy efficient. We are often asked here at The Glass & Door […]

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Window Style Trends 2017

Here at The Glass & Door Company, we are often asked about the latest trends in window design and technology not only in the Georgetown, Texas area, but also in the entire country. In case you are thinking about keeping […]

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What Can Cause Window Leaks?

Here at The Glass & Door Company, this is one of the common questions that we often receive from our clients i.e. What Can Cause Window Leaks?. So to make it easy we are going to outline the 3 top […]

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