Aside from making sure that your windows match the design, color, and overall theme of your home, it is now becoming more important on whether they are also energy efficient. We are often asked here at The Glass & Door Company if our customers can have both gorgeous and energy efficient windows. Our answer is always a loud “YES.”

Selecting the perfect windows for your home can be based on many factors; below are some of the main parts to consider.

  • Glass – Does your home need single, double, or triple-paned glass? Many experts advise the double-paned glass because of its lower cost compared to the triple-paned. It is considerably effective in storing heat inside the house, adding protection against UV rays, and overall lessening utility bills. You can ask the store also for the glass’ resistance to heat loss and how much sun does it allow to go in.
  • Frame – Which material is the most cost-effective one for frames? The answer will depend on the climate in your area. Although aluminum or steel is more prone to heat and cold transfer, it is useful during rainy and hot days. Vinyl, on the other hand, is the most affordable, but not the most flexible when it comes to style and colors. Many see wood as the ideal choice because of its insulation and natural beauty. The problem, however, is that it requires more maintenance and is more prone to rot, molds, and pests.
  • Design – If your house is prone to endure strong winds, then casement windows are highly recommended as they can seal shut when wind blows in their direction. If weather is not that harsh, then you can also check out double-hung and picture windows.
  • Location – Windows facing the south tend to gather more heat and light from the sun, while it is generally harder to control those elements in the remaining directions. If you’re in an area with a warmer climate, then try looking into north and south-facing windows.

For more quick tips and information on residential windows or commercial windows and glass in the Central Texas area i.e. Georgetown, Austin Texas, please visit our blog here at The Glass & Door Company. Have a great day!