Like any other part of your house, the bathroom design needs some attention. You can make improvements to it by simply adding exquisite shower enclosures.

Let’s take a look at how frameless glass shower enclosures add beauty to your bathroom!

They Create a Personal Spa for You

You generally see glass shower enclosures at beauty parlors and professional spa. By installing these in your home, you can create a look that is similar to a personal spa. You won’t have to take an expensive appointment with your spa after installing it. You will be able to relax at your own convenience and without spending a single penny.

They Add More Space to Your Bathroom

There are many homes in Georgetown, Austin Texas with small bathrooms. A glass shower enclosure creates an illusion of additional space in such restrooms. The glass allows the bathroom to appear larger than it is. In contrast, any other wooden, rubber or metal installation occupies a lot of space in a small bathroom. A glass shower enclosure saves space and adds elegance to your bathroom’s interior.

They Are Convenient for Cleaning

Shower enclosures are exposed to too much water. They are generally at the risk of catching rot and rust if material like metal, wood or rubber is used for them. If you install a wooden structure, its polish will wear off quickly. Metal will grow rusty. If you go for rubber frames to protect the metal or wood, it will get slippery and attract mold and mildew, due to excessive moisture. You need to select material that is impervious to these defects. Frameless glass shower enclosures can avoid all of these problems. They are also quite easy to clean, whether water or soap stains them.

They Add Value to Your Home

If you are planning on selling your house in the near future, then installing a frameless glass shower enclosure is a wise choice. It adds to the value of your home. It is a modern bath. Many homes in Georgetown, Austin Texas have simple bathtubs for showers. With such an exquisite inclusion to your home, you will be able to get a good price for the house.

They Reduce Risk of Injury

You may have heard about many freak accidents in bathrooms. Several times, the elderly in your home or children slip inside shower rooms. Glass shower enclosures reduce the risk of injuries. They are designed to bear a high force. The glass installed in them has blunt edges around the corners. Even if someone collides with them, they won’t get hit hard! The glass is so thick that it doesn’t crack and cause anyone grave injury.

So add beauty and safety to your bathroom design with the help of The Glass & Door Company in Georgetown, Austin Texas! We install frameless glass shower enclosures and frameless glass doors for shower rooms. You can count on us for any and all glass installations in your home. Contact us today for a free quote for our residential or commercial services.