Are you thinking about upgrading or changing your tables? Before you do, we can suggest here at The Glass & Door Company to check a more affordable option: upgrade your table with a glass top. Why not veer away from additional cost while giving your table a new look? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this option.

Added Protection

If your table is made of quality wood, then it is not right to leave it exposed to damage or scratches. Protect it from sun damage, buffs, scratches, stains, moisture or water, and pets by adding a glass top. It helps extend the life of your wood from the daily wear and tear and at the same time preserve its natural color.

Easier to Clean and Maintain your Table

One of the most common concerns of owning wooden tables is maintaining them. With a glass table top, you no longer have to apply wood polish and constantly worry about spills or water rings becoming permanent since glass is easy to clean. All you need is a clean cloth, soap, and water then you’re good to go. You also don’t need to worry about dust accumulating through time because you can easily spot any dirt or dust on a glass surface.

Brings Out More Space

A glass table top actually tricks the eye into thinking that the table is bigger or larger than it actually is. This is ideal for cramped or smaller spaces and if you want to add variations between to similarly sized wooden tables.

Additional Style

If you are thinking of changing your table for design purposes, then consider adding a glass top first. Not only is it more affordable, you are also bringing a modern twist to your classic wooden table. There are various glass thickness, colors or tints, patterns, and shapes to choose from. Ask our specialists for ideas on glass table tops that can match your space’s theme.

For more information on how glass can upgrade your residential or commercial furniture, contact The Glass & Door Company today or visit our blog again as we update it from time to time with more relevant information for the Georgetown, Austin Texas area. Thank you and have a great day!