Here at The Glass & Door Company, this is one of the common questions that we often receive from our clients i.e. What Can Cause Window Leaks?. So to make it easy we are going to outline the 3 top ways on how leaks traditional occur.

1stWindow Seals Natural Erosion

Over a course of time, any window seal can be worn down by our weather may that be the sun, rain, wind, snow, or any other debris which could hit and wear down the window seal of your home here in the Georgetown, Austin Texas area.

2ndPhysical Window Damage

Whenever a window may become broken either by accident or on purpose this could affect the general seal and/or sealants around any window.

In addition to this damage the unwanted pest such as carpenter ants, termites, or any other insect that has the ability to burrow into any seal installation can also cause general leaks.

3rdIncorrect Installation

By far one of the most common reasons for window leaks. This is because windows are installed with out the proper seals, sealants, or possibly not even square.

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