Here at The Glass & Door Company, we are often asked about the latest trends in window design and technology not only in the Georgetown, Texas area, but also in the entire country. In case you are thinking about keeping your windows modern or upgrading them to the times, here are some of the most popular trends that you can consider.

  • Smarter Windows – Although they haven’t been fully developed, we can now look forward to automated windows adjusting to the intensity or brightness of the sun by adjusting the tint. These have the potential to compete with blinds or curtains in the future.
  • Combining Windows & Doors – Why stick to the traditional windows when you can utilize them by turning them into new entry points? Many people this 2017 are turning their classic double-paned windows into glass sliding doors. Ask us here at The Glass & Door Company for the possibilities of maximizing your window.
  • More Energy Efficient – Vinyl is getting more traction thanks to its affordability and energy-saving material. Since wood needs more maintenance and metal is not good in keeping temperature, this plastic material is growing with more color and design options. People are also looking into eco-friendly window treatments which include curtains made of organic fabric that can be mold or mildew resistant. The hit blinds now are Honeycomb blinds, which also act as additional insulation for windows.
  • No More Ivory or White Curtains – This 2017 is all about colors. With hints of Asian influence, more and more homeowners are loving earthy tones in their curtains. Various shades of green, white, and brown not only bring in more light to the space; they are also relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. Others also go to the extent of using natural materials such as rattan and bamboo as curtains or blinds.

Visit our blog soon for more tips on how you can upgrade or modernize your residential or commercial windows in the Georgetown, Austin Texas marketplace. Thank you and have a good day.