Replacement Glass Specialist

At The Glass and Door Company there is an understanding of your needs. Our specialty comes in the form of giving you the best level of services in all your replacement glass needs. We know that the glass in your home serves several purposes and when something breaks it must be repaired immediately.

Your windows and glass serve the purpose of protecting you and your loved ones from the elements, conserving energy and resources, and creating a beautiful aspect to the aesthetics of your home.

We also know that accidents happen, glass gets broken when children get excited, during moves, and other common accidents that often occur within a home. We offer a full range of replacement glass services, and the following include them:

Types of Replacement Glass –

– Broken Windows – Rocks, baseballs and other objects all attribute to broken windows. Sometimes old window frames even fall and cause breaks.

– Scratched, Chipped or Cracked Glass – Decorative and custom glass can be fragile; oftentimes they get damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

– Replacement of Old Worn out Glass – Older homes need new windows from time to time, especially old single pain glass windows which are fragile and inefficient in terms of energy consumption.

– Glass Doors and Cabinets – Custom glass in doors and cabinets is often struck and requires replacement to restore safety standards and aesthetics.

– Replacing Standard Glass with Custom Glass – New custom shaped windows and decorative glass can add a new degree of luxury to an old home.

– Replacement Glass Pieces for Furniture – During moves and over time, glass that is embedded within furniture, on table tops or in dresser doors may become warped, fogged or break and need replacement.

– Exterior Glass Replacement Needs – Anything from sun rooms to greenhouses all require glass, and sometimes they need to be replaced as well.

Why The Glass and Door Company?

Over the years Georgetown has taken on endless jobs of every type. We have residents return old homes to like new with replacement windows, have fixed endless broken pieces of glass, and turn expensive energy consuming homes into ecofriendly dwellings with our specialty services. Out high levels of commitment to work and our professional attitude shows in every job we take on and complete.

We only perform the highest and safest levels of standards in our work, as well as use the best glass available from trusted sources. Our customers know that to find work as good as ours they’ll have to look long and hard. We take great pride in giving the best levels of dedicated commitment to performing any glass replacement needs our customers in the Georgetown area may have.

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