Here at The Glass & Door Company, we know and understand all the various types and styles of pergolas. So if you are looking for something that is either custom or something of a traditional style then look no further than this site. For you can rest assure that you are in good hands regardless where you may live i.e. Williamson County, Travis County, or Burnet County to name a few.

Info About Our Pergola’s

  • All of our pergolas are built to last in any weather condition that the Central Texas may bring i.e. high winds, high temperatures, droughts, hail storms, and more.
  • Every pergola is built with the highest quality products available currently within the marketplace.
  • Pergolas is an outdoor structure or room that provides a great space, focal point for folks, individuals, families, and employees to come together.
  • They provide aesthetics to any space may it be a backyard, a patio, a pool, a commercial property, or any place else.

Why The Glass & Door Company?

We take great pride in each and every pergola that we build regardless of the size and style. So if you are having questions or concerns about pergolas in general or was wandering if your property is best suited for one. Then contact us today via phone to schedule an appointment with one of our local consultants that is located in your area.

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